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During a first year experience class at Kent State Stark, students are asked to review the Plagiarism Workshop website.   On the website you will find a Plagiarism PowerPoint presentation with further information on how to avoid plagiarism, the steps taken when a student has been caught plagiarizing, and several great examples of students plagiarizing.  Look over the PowerPoint to cover any information you haven't already received in this webquest.

Task 7: Case Studies Involving Plagiarism

Read through each case study and discuss whether the cases were examples of plagiarism with your class.  Be ready to explain your thinking.

Case #1 George Bono's paper on AIDS
Case #2 Rosie Pinetar's essay on The Natural
Case #3 Stuart Lavaman's term paper in Geology
Case #4 Gilbert Trout's book report on Slaughterhouse-Five
Case #5 Lonnie Shakespeare trades papers for a Psychology class
Case #6 Jill St. Blonde writes two papers on the same topic

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