Intergalactic Realtors



The rubric below will show how you will be graded on your Intergalactic webquest. If you have any questions please ask.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Completeion of on-line activities Did not complete Completed 1-2 Completed 3-4 completed all 25
Brochure Contains information on one continent Contains information on 2-4 Continents Contains Informationon 5-6 Continents Contains Inforamtion on all 7 continents 25
Grammar and writing Correct grammar is not used.Incomplete sentences Complete sentences. Grammatical errors. Complete sentneces with few grammatical errors. Correct grammar with no errors.Complete sentences or paragraphs. 25
Art Brochure contains no artwork. Brochure contains little artwork. Brochure contains someartwork. Brochure contains well drawn or printed artwork. 25

Total Score: 100

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