Internet Safety



You've finished your quest to learn more about using the internet safely! Hopefully you will share this project with your friends who do not know about internet safety. Below if the rubric on which your project will be graded.


# Incomplete Progressing Very Good Exemplary Score
Participation Did not participate throught the project. Minimal participation throughout the project. Participated in activities during the project. Participation was above and beyond expectations. 0-3
Power Point Presentation Three or fewer quality slides completed. Four or five quality slides completed. Six quality high quality slides completed More than six high quality slides completed. 0-3
Information Information incomplete or inaccurate. Information mostly complete or with some inaccuracies. Information complete and accurate. Extra, accurate information included. 0-3
Computer Skills Does not know how to navigate programs used during project independently. Mostly able to navigate programs used during project independently. Able navigate programs used during project independently. Expertly navigates programs used during project. 0-3

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