Internet Safety & Awareness Comic Book Creation in ToonDoo



The easiest way to share your comic is to use the PRINT SCREEN feature of any keyboard to take screenshots of each page of your comic.  You can then paste the screenshot in WORD and crop out any unnecessary information in the image.  You can also use the SNIPPING TOOL in Windows 7 and above to snip out an image of your comic book page.  They can also be inserted into a word document.  This is exactly how the examples in this WebQuest were created.


Your Comic Book will be evaluated based on 4 different areas:

  • Story - Creativity, Dialogue & Text
  • Content - Internet Safety Topic Definition & Prevention Tips
  • Content - Awareness Tips - Hot to stop it once it has happened
  • Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization & Grammar

Your Internet Safety & Awareness Comic Books should have the following requirements:  DON'T FORGET you can look at the example Comic Books on the TASK portion of this WebQuest to help you out!

  • Your comic must have your as one of the characters.
  • Your comic must have a story that is easy to follow.
  • Your comic must have a "problem & solution."
  • Your comic should be age appropriate (appropriate for Middle School students and younger).
  • You must have the definition of your topic in your story.
  • You must mention at least 2 ways to get help or stop your topic from happening.
  • You must mention at least 2 ways to prevent your topic from ever happening again.
  • Your Comic Book must be at least 6 frames long, but can be longer.

I have attached the Grading Rubric Below.  The entire completed comic is worth 20 points


  • Internet Safety Comic Book Grading Rubric
    Description: Students get 10 points for first completing the Research Guide. The completed Internet Safety Comic book is worth 20 points. This makes the total project worth 30 Points!

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