Researching Stocks for Investing



By the time you complete this webquest, you should complete and submit the following items in the order given:

  1. Researching Stocks Worksheet
  2. Time to Invest Worksheet
  3. Don't forget to take the Quiz!
  4. At the end of the quarter, reevaluate your stock holdings.


# 1-Needs Work 2-Off to a Good Start 3-Sense of the Market 4-True Investor Score
Task Needs Work Off to a Good Start Sense of the Market True Investor
Diversifying Your Portfolio Did not thoroughly understand what was being asked. Please see the teacher for assistance. It is evident you read some of the information, but you need to dig deeper. You have reviewed all the information and have identified items you have researched in picking a stock and diversifying your portfolio. Right on the money again! You are a master for diversifying. Way to go! 20
Researching Stocks Not quite sure what information you were looking at, as it appears to be fragmented and not accurate. Beginning to have a handle on what you are looking at when you are researching your stocks. You know what you are reading in the investments and are mastering the research. Right on the money! A true investor knows how to pick the stocks as well as read the investment information! 40
Time to Invest Market Watch You began investing but stopped. You need to invest all of your $10,000 ASAP! You have written down the stocks you are investing, calculating the shares and total price invested. However, you need to invest all $10,000 ASAP. You are right on target with your investments, shares, prices, etc. . .your reasons for investing are a bit weak. Review your answers. You are the Investornator!!! You Rock! You have it down, from the initial research of the company to your justification to investing all $10,000. Way to go! 40

Total Score: _________

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