The History of Horses

Parts of a Horse


Most people know what a horse looks like. There are obviously variations to horses. Some are tall, some are short. Some have large bone structures, others have petite bones. The come in all colors too and both solid, spotted and speckled.

But how much do you actually KNOW about a horse? Did you know a horse has something called a "frog" in their hoof? Any idea what that is or what it does? Did you know the horse's shin bone is called a Cannon Bone? The human body has 206 bones in it, and a horse has...only 205!!! They might be bigger than we are, but we have more bones than they do!

What about the other parts of a horse? Are you familiar with common areas on a horse?

Here is the best informational study I have found to teach and explain all about the horse and its many parts. This was created by an extension service for 4-H clubs.


If the link above is too much information for you, try this one:


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