Cell Phone: Is it a necessity at school?



The evaluation rubric below describes how your work will be evaluated. Both your tasks are evaluated based on the criteria and standard given. The total marks for your individual oral presentation and group newsletter article is 100%.  


# Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent Score
Poster (creativity/use of graphics, content and language accuracy) Lacks creativity with one argumentative point presented. Lacks exemplification and justification. Language is largely inaccurate with many spelling and grammar errors. Shows some creativity and presented more than one argumentative point. Only some exemplification and justification presented. Language is sometimes inaccurate; some spelling and grammar errors. Shows good creativity with all three argumentative points presented reasonably well. Adequate exemplification and justification. Language is largely accurate with few minor errors. Excellent creativity with all three argumentative points presented. A lot of exemplification and justification presented effectively. Language is almost error free; only one or two errors. 12 %
Oral Presentation (effectiveness, accuracy and fluency, voice, gestures and eye-contact) Quite dull, many errors in speech, lacks fluency, voices are soft and unclear with minimal gestures and eye-contact. Able to hold audience attention, some speech errors, some fluency and voices are quite clear. Some gestures and eye-contact. Interesting and able to sustain audience attention, minimal speech errors and quite fluent. Voices are loud and clear. Good gestures and eye-contact. Very interesting and effective delivery of speech. Minor errors with one or two slips and very fluent. Voices are very loud and clear. Engages audience with very good gestures and eye-contact. 20 %
Group Dynamics/ Cooperation The group had difficulty working together. Unequal group participation and contribution. Time wasted. The group had some difficulty working together but able to resolve problems. Not all members contributed equally. The group had not much problems working together. Group members participated and contributed quite equally well. The group worked together effectively in accomplishing the tasks. All group members participated and contributed equally and effectively. 8 %
Newsletter Article (task fulfilment/ content,organization and language accuracy) Shows limited response to the task with little information presented. No clear planning and lacks coherence of ideas. Contains many spelling and grammatical errors. Shows modest response to the task with some relevant information presented. Some information is logically sequenced and there are some coherence of ideas. Contains some spelling and grammatical errors. Shows good response to the task with reasonably well developed ideas. Most information is organized in a clear logical way and all paragraphs are coherent. Contains only minor spelling and grammatical errors. Shows excellent response to the task with all ideas effectively developed. Excellent planning with all information and ideas organized coherently. Almost flawless with one or two slips. Contains wide variety of sentence structures and vocabulary. 60 %

Total Score: 100 %

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