Below is an evaluation table. The evaluation is a point scale determining varying degrees of participation of the web quest.


# Examplary, 4 points Very good, 3 points Developing, 2 points Begining, 1 points Score
TASKS/ WORKING INDIVIDUALLY The content was well detailed and the questions were answered correctly. Task carried out showing great initiative. fairly detailed content. Questions answered well. Satisfactory answer and detail. Evidence of reserearch, more detail needed. TBA
TEAM WORK Shared,Proof read and edited articles given and showed great sence of team work. excellent newspaper stucture of newspaper. Proof read, edited articles. more communication needed. satisfactory team work. more team participation needed. Minimal evidence of team participation TBA
USE OF RESOURCES Accessed resources provided.Some extra resources were also researched. great referencing. Accessed resources given, need to be more vigilant on the referencing satisfactory use of reources,referencing needs to be formalised. Minimal evidence of use of resources, no references TBA
STRUCTURE, GRAMMAR AND SPELLING Excellent Very good Developing Begining TBA

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