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# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Use of Strong Vocabulary (including action verbs) Essay is marked by repetition of vocabulary and lack of variety in vocabulary. Essay shows some characteristics of thoughtful vocabulary choices, but is still quite uneven and underdeveloped. Essay exhibits a fairly wide range of vocabulary and emphasis on action verbs. Vocabulary could still be more developed and varied. Essay is convincing in its appropriate use of vocabulary, lexical range and action verbs. 25%
Grammar Essay is marked by numerous mistakes in basic English grammar. Essay has some mistakes in grammar and relies primarily on simplistic forms and structures. Essay exhibits a fairly competent grasp of basic English grammar, but still relies on a limited range of forms and structures. Essay is convincing and appropriate in its varied use of diverse forms and structures in the English language. 25%
Essay format Essay is marked by overall lack of cohension and coherence. Essay adheres to basic patterns of essay writing, but still lacks more developed sense of structure. Essay generally follows the patterns of good essay writing, but still shows occasional inconsistencies in structure and style. Essay successfully follows the patterns of a good essay and shows mastery of structure and style. 25%
Fulfilling Nomination Requirements Essay fulfills few, if any, nomination requirements. Essay fulfills only a few nomination requirements. Essay generally fulfills nomination requirements, but still neglects to cover each point fully. Essay successfully fulfills every nomination requirement. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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