Comparing energy resources; renewable and non-renewable resources




Graphic Organizer "Comparing Energy Resources"

3-Exemplary- Completed 100% of the organizer.  Four to five sentences for each category.  Written information is detailed and legible.
2-Proficient-Completed 75% of the organizer.  Three to four sentences for each category.  Written information has minimal detail yet legible.
1-Partially Proficient-Completed 50% or less of the organizer.  One to two sentences for each category.  Written information has little to no detail and is fairly legible.

Accesses all websites as requested by teacher.

3-Exemplary-Previewed 100% of all recommended websites.  Identified valuable information.
2-Proficient-Previewed 75% of all recommended websites.  Partially identified valuable information.
1-Partially Proficient-Previewed 50% or less of all recommended websites.  Information previewed partially relates to the topic.

Takes notes on local county incentives.

3-Exemplary-Located relevant information.  Notes are clearly written, organized, and detailed.
2-Proficient-Located minimal relevant information.  Notes are clearly written, yet lacking detail.
1-Partially Proficient-Choice of information is not valid to the topic.  Notes are not clearly written and has limited details.

ECR (Letter to company).

3-Exemplary-Addresses demands of the question and includes all criteria listed below:

          *recommended resource that is reasonable to the 'problem' situation
          *provides supporting details to support recommendation
          *identifies pros and cons of resource
          *provides supporting details to support pros and cons
          *identifies financial incentives/benefits of using resource
          *provides supporting details to support incentives
          *uses proper letter format

2-Proficient-Meets 5 of the 7 criteria listed above
3-Partially Proficient-Meets 4 or less of criteria listed above

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