Fifth Grade Technology Scavenger Hunt



Each student will be evaluated by their contribution as a group.  Overall grade will be group based by the number of questions they are able to answer in the three days provided and time turned in to teacher on Friday. 

Project will be handed out on Monday work will begin on Tuesday to give class time to set up groups and work out who will be in charge of what is going on.


# 1-5 Questions Answered 5-10 Questions Answered 10-20 Questions Answered All 24 Questions Answered Score
Day 1 Gather with team work 30 minutes on answering questions. Reached your goal Went above goal Beyond Goal. Take this time to go over answers and make sure they are the correct answers. Impressive you have completed the scavenger hunt. Work with team on getting the answers written or typed then turn in the work. Think of ways you can create your own hunt. 25
Day 2 Gather with team continue working on hunt questions. Below average Goal reached Beyond Goal Impressive 50
Day 3 Hurry today is last day to complete the hunt. Way behind, hurry let's get all 24 questions answered Behind but your team can get this done. See if there is an extra work station. Almost there goal is within reach. Congratulations Super Sleuth your hunt is complete. Get the writing/typing done and ready to turn in. Think of ways to create your own web hunt. 100

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