Save the Tigers!



Your research team will "practice" your presentation for the class. Though they may look like your classmates, remember they are standing in for the world leaders you need to convince about the need for tiger conservation. Each member of your team should contribute. You will be graded according to the following rubric.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Organization 5 Paper and presentation are unorganized. 10 Information and graphics are placed haphazardly on the page 15 Presents findings and conclusions with some degree of organization 20 Presents findings and conclusions in an organized manner
Persuasiveness 5 The presentation is not at all persuasive. 10 Shows little evidence of persuasion 15 Shows some effort to persuade the audience 20 Makes a dramatic and compelling argument
Content 5 Doesn't use any examples from web sites 10 Uses less than 2 examples from web sites 15 Uses 3-5 examples from the websites 20 Uses 6 or more examples from the websites
Presentation 5 Presentation does not include required number of slides. No clear transitions. No backgrounds or graphics 10 Presentation does not include required number of slides but some attempts at effective transistions and style is made. 15 Presentation includes required number of slides. Transistions, backgrounds and colors are wisely chosen. 20 Presentation includes required number of slides. All slides, sounds, and colors work well together for smooth presntation.

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