Australian Folklore - Ned Kelly, Bunyips, Dreamtime and Ghost stories.




# Beginning Developing Very Good Exemplary Score
Subject research and descriptions Few questions answered and mostly incorrect information. Some questions answered and some accurate information. Majority of subjects answered correctly and adequately researched. All subjects answered correctly and thoroughly researched. 25%
Published project Poorly researched and poorly displayed project. Satisfactory research and adequately displayed project. Well researched and well presented project. Thoroughly researched and excellently displayed project. 25%
Play and performance. Poorly written play and little participation in performance. Adequately written play and some participation in performance. Well written play and good participation in performance. Excellently written play and enthusiastic participation in performance. 25%
Overall understanding of subject. Displays poor understanding of subject matter. Displays basic understanding of subject matter. Displays moderate understanding of subject matter. Displays excellent understanding of subject matter. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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