Health, Fitness, and wellness



# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Question answers. Answers are poorly supported and vaguely detailed. Answers are somewhat supported and detail is megar, yet evident. Answers are nicely supported and details are easily distinguisable. Support for answers is thorough and superb, while details are well thought out and developed. %25
Five things picked to improve each category Choices are not supported and are more like open opinions. Meager support is provided for the selections. Choices are well supported and explained with well thought out reasons. Selections are greatly supported and explained with reasons that reflect research and evidence. %25
Journal Journal is rather unkept and not recorded in very much. Journal is somewhat kept up with, but seems vague and does not display that effort was taken. Journal was well kept up with and provides a good understanding of what happened throughout the project. Journal is extremely detailed and provides a great understanding of what happened throughout the project and how it was absorbed by the student. %25
Reflection Reflection is not on topic and does not display any effort at all taken in the project. Reflection shows little effort taken in the project, and is somewhat on topic. Reflection shows much effort put forth in the project and displays a good understandig of what it means to live healthy, fit, and well. Reflection shows great effort put forth in the project and shows a clear, vivid understanding of a healthy, fit, and well lifestyle. %25

Total Score: %100

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