Environmental Justice: Reporting the Facts



# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
The video or power point presentation was organized with a clear beginning and a clear ending or completion. The project was not organized with no clear beginning and end. The project could have been better organized however there was a beginning and end. Overall the project was organized with a beginning and an ending. The project was very well organized and with a clear and interesting beginning and ending. %25
The project included appropriate images and interesting pieces of information to add to the presentation. Project did not include any images or any other interesting details that would have added to the presentation. Project included a couple of images but were not clear or made little sense in regards to the presentation. Project included appropriate images with some interesting factual information included. Project included several appropriate images with additional information added to describe what was taking place. %25
Information that was presented was factual, easy to understand, grammatically correct, and placed in a sequential format for the audience to better understand. Very diffcult to understand and follow. Made little to no sense. Information was thrown out to the audience which made it somewhat difficult to follow. Not very well organized. Easy to understand and follow. Followed a pattern of organization. Nicely organized and very easy to follow. Followed a set pattern and was clearly understood. %25
The presentation was creative, interesting, and held the audiences' attention. Was dull, not creative, boring. Was somewhat creative but didn't hold the audiences' attention for very long. Was creative and held the audiences' attention. Very interactive, creative, and kept the audiences' attention. %25

Total Score: %100

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