Knowing different people and their culture



 Wow!  You have accomplished a great work.  All of you have known these cultures and how live them. Furthermore, you have illustrated vividly it. First, it has been introduced with the research of each city, continuing with a written exercise, and finishing with the final presentation in class and trough a video.

Every  experience was an understanding of others life styles in diverses places of the world. It has been also  a  wealthfor you not only lexical but also for the life.

Where do you go from here?  Now you are encouraged to explore all the resources, but if you only have time for a couple, choose your favorite.  Explore a few of the links provided.  Keep a journal of the sites you visit, what you learn on those sites, and what you think is interesting to you.  Discuss your journal with your classmates.  What is interesting to you might be interesting to a classmate as well. 

Most importantly, have fun.  We have tried to take you to sites that will be filled with information of interest.  Now that we have you started, take off, and see what is out there on the topic you chose as your favorite.  Whether it is on Makati (Philippines), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Freiburg (Germany), Adelaide (Australia); there is so much more to learn and we hope you’ll get started as soon as you can.

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