Charting the Course: Social Studies WebQuest



Part 1 - American History - Westward Expansion 

As you have learned, frustration and anger can lead to actions, which can lead to change. This can, however, only happen when people stick together. Therefore, we should communicate about our thoughts and frustrations with others and work together to produce a fair society in which we can all live with equal rights. 

Part 2 - World History - Age of Revolution

As you can see, not only in America, but also in other countries all over the world, revolution has led to a lot of change. This shows us how our world was shaped and that revolutions in other countries also influence us in a certain way. We should therefore be aware of what happens in the world so that we can understand how change comes about. 

Part 3 - Civics/Government - Structure of Government

Congratulations, founding fathers! You have written your own democratic constitution! What a great opportunity to create your own laws. Now you have learned how much responsibility the founding fathers had and how much responsibility the current government has by making amendments. It is important to think about the common good for the people and consequences of the laws that may impact society. Therefore, amendments nowadays go through a complicated process to ensure that they support democracy before they are added to the constitution.

Part 4 - Geography - Places and Regions

Now you have not only helped Sara, but also learned a lot about the region you live in, the State of Arizona. You have gathered information about its physical characteristics which make up the area you live in and make the state so unique. Good job, geographer!

Part 5 - Economics - Personal Finance

You have made your decision and have received input from your peers and teacher. Do you still think it was the right decision? Whether you will buy your I-Pad at the time or wait until you have saved up; whether you will pay using cash or your credit card, keep in mind that there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each way of payment. It always depends on the situation how you choose to pay for an item. Just make sure you act responsibly and keep the consequences of your decision in mind. 

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