Pythagoras And The PythagoreanTheorem



  • Applications of Pythagoras Theorem in Real Life

Pythagoras Theorem can be used in real life to:

  • Calculate heights of buildings etc...
  • Find distances
    Discussion with the teacher on real life applications of the Pythagoras Theorem


  • Remember:

Pythagoras Theorem is only used with Right Angled Triangles

The sum of the squares of the sides of a right angled triangle is equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse

a2+b2  = c2 

  • Situation....

Now using the knowledge you have learnt on Pythagoras Theorem, you are able to help Shrek in saving Fiona.

Go back to the Introduction Section of this Webquest and work out the question given by applying the Pythagoras Theorem. 

Your answer will help Shrek to find the length of ladder needed to help save Fiona.  

  •  Make sure you do your best in helping Shrek.

    Fiona's life lies on your responsibilty!!

  •  Extension

Attached you can find a quiz and a game on Pythagoras Theorem. Try them out!

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