Picky Penelope and the Plate



Congratulations and great job!  You created a menu that includes a variety of foods from all five food groups and you learned a lot about the MyPlate guide in the process.  I just heard from Penelope's parents, Pete and Paula Pickle, and they said that Penelope is positively passionate about the foods you chose for her and she cannot wait to see what you, her premier pack of chefs, plan for tomorrow's menu.

As a thank you, Penelope's parents have a small present for each of you - your very own chef's hat and a book of yummy recipes.  Please see your professor (also known as your teacher) for your presents. 

Thanks again and don't forget to eat from all five food groups every day.  Your body will thank you!

If you'd like to read a book about eating healthy, try one listed below:

Showdown at the Food Pyramid by Rex Barron
The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids! by Edward Miller
Gregory, the Terrible Eater by Mitchell Sharmat
Oh the Things You Can Do That Are Good for You! All About Staying Healthy by Tish Rabe

To learn more about the MyPlate guide and play some fun games, visit the links at the bottom of the page.  


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