The Real Number System



You have now finished the four Real Number System assignments!

This means you have:

  1. Compiled a Real Number System dictionary of comprehensive definitions with illustrations and examples.
  2. Researched the interrelationships that exist within the Real Number System including learning how to identify the kinds of numbers each set contains and figuring out a way to help you determine how to classify real numbers.
  3. Written a journal entry that serves to analyze the interrelationships that exist within the Real Number System using your definitions, research, and the photo gallery.
  4. Taken the Real Number System quiz,
Take one last look at the rubric and ask yourself if your work is complete and does it meet the requirements.

If you answered yes, then you must now submit all of your work to your teacher for evaluation.


By the way, if you found this area of study interesting, you may enjoy exploring further the field of Number Theory. See the links below to get started.

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