Exploring Expository Essays or How to Write a Research Paper.


Now that you have completed this project you know the process to use to write a decent research paper. I have listed a 6-Traits checklist for you. Make sure you double check this list to make sure you are all set.

  _____ 1. Is my research paper interesting and informative?
  _____ 2. Are my sources current and trustworthy?

  _____ 3. Does my paper have a thesis statement in the opening paragraph?
  _____ 4. Do I have a strong conclusion?

  _____ 5. Do I sound knowledgeable and interested in my topic?
  _____ 6. Did I use my own words and not plagiarize?

  _____ 6. Have I explained any technical terms or unfamiliar words?
  _____ 7. Do I use quotations effectively?

  _____ 8. Do my sentences flow smoothly from one to another?

  _____  9. Does my first page include my name, core, date, and a title?
  _____ 10. Did I correctly cite my sources?
  _____ 11. Is my work cited page set up correctly? Are my sources listed alphabetically?

There are an infinate number of questions to be answered out there and millions of sources to be researched. Have a great time and don't be afraid to put all the puzzle pieces together to create an exceptional paper.

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