Abraham Lincoln's Pocket Watch



You learned about the Civil War from reading the articles and watching the videos. You learned that Jonathan Dillon was the person who was repairing President Lincoln's pocket watch when he got the word that the Civil War had started.

You read the interview of Mr. Dillon in The New York Times  of 1906.  You  viewed the watch being opened 148 years later to reveal the inscription inside.

Imagine being there as the Smithsonian Museum staff opened the watch!  It was not known for certain if the story Jonathan Dillon passed down to his family was true.

Also imagine how excited you would be to be the Great- great grandson of Mr. Dillon and be present to read the inscription for the first time.

It is probable that not even President Lincoln knew what was etched inside his watch.

You are now ready to write about what you discovered, your feelings about the watch and watchmaker's actions, and any ideas that you have about the other writing in the watch. Write at least two paragraphs.

Include these ideas:   Would you have written in the President's watch? If so, what?

                                      What do you think is the significance of the name "Jeff Davis" on the watch?  Do you think it was written later, after Mr. Dillon's inscription? 

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