The Literacy Tour- Critical Thinking Made FUN!!!



We have come to the end of another exciting lesson Critical Thinkers and I must say, IT WAS REALLY GREAT HAVING YOU!! You have done a really great job on the topic "The Literacy Tour...Critical Thinking Made Fun." Now it is time for you to reflect on the tour you embarked on today. 

In order to give your reflection focus, use the following questions to guide you:

1. What did I like about the lesson?

2. How did I benefit from the concepts presented?

3. Do I now have a clearer understanding of cause and effect relationships?

4. Can i easily identify cause and effect relationships when I read or listen to something being read?

5. How has this tour enhanced my comprehension skill? 

You can view the following website and download the worksheets if you still need additional practice.

Great Job Critical Thinkers!!!

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