Unit-2-What-do-you-do-after-school (1)



Use the flashcards a quarter past and a quarter to and say Tell
me the time using one of these.

Write the following on the board: pa–t, qu–r–er
● Choose a pupil to come to the board and write the missing
letters. The rest of the class say if it is right or not.

Ask the class What do you have tomorrow? Pupils reply We
have ... Ask Is Friday/Saturday your favourite day at school? Why?/
Why not?

Ask What sports do you play? Pupils give answers, for example,
tennis. Say Spell ‘tennis’. Teach pupils to say capital t-e-n-n-i-s.

Say sentences about different pupils, for example, Suha’s
favourite day is Monday. Pupils try to remember if that is right
and say No, it isn’t. Suha’s favourite day is Thursday

Remind the pupils of the different things they have learned
in this unit. Ask different pupils What’s your favourite subject?
What time do you have English today? What do you do on Friday?
What time does the zoo open? What’s your favourite day of the
week? etc.
● Congratulate pupils on all their hard work in Unit 2,
especially the project.

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