Beyond the Gas Giants

So, what on Earth is next?


Good Job, Team!

You have successfully completed the unit on space outside of our own solar system. You have learned about the 3 different types of galaxies and their contents. You have learned about popular comets, and their home in the ice cold Kuiper Belt. You have learned about the asteroid belt separating the rock planets from the gas planets. Finally, you came together as a team and put your thoughts together to construct a model of how all of these things work and fit together to form our universe. You have now seen what is beyond the Gas Giants! 

However, there are many problems closer to home that we need to address before traveling out too far. Join me for our next unit, as we learn about the red surface of mars, and plan a mission to travel there. I can surely use your help again!

For those of you who wish to read more, check out the attached link for some fun facts about space!


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