I bake! that's my superpower


Are you ready to bake your very own products? 


Your task is almost done, it was a great help to the unfortunate people. You've almost completed the task that SPIDERMAN had given to you. However, if you have the difficulty of finding a recipe for your own baking products here is some samples that would make your realize that baking is fun. When you bake you got your unique superpower. Just bear in mind that baking is extremely challenging but through time to time you will be develop and taste the fruit of your hardship. Don't forget that baking is fun when you have fun. 


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  • Quick Recipe for Quick breads
    Description: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/packages/baking-guide/quick-breads-muffins-and-more/50-quick-breads

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  • Recipe for Cookies
    Description: This might help you choose what's best for your final output

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  • Recipe for Cakes
    Description: Cakes for every occasions.This might help you find what you want to bake.

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