Nano LED's and the colour changing surfaces


The daily and constant use of lighting makes it easy for us to take it for granted. We use lights at home, at work, in the car, on airplanes, literally everywhere we go there are lights and they are in continuous use. One of the only times that we step back and consider our dependency on electricity is when there is a power outage and we are forced to see and do by candlelight.
The Nano LED range is a novel and economical light source system that utilizes pulsed laser diode and LED technology to generate short optical pulses over a wide range of repetition rates and wavelengths.

Now there are several choices of light bulbs available, from incandescent to fluorescent to LED. Surprisingly, incandescents are still among the most popular light bulbs, even with all the new choices available. Modern incandescents haven't come that far from Edison's early efforts--the bulbs still convert less than 10 percent of the energy to light. Why are they still so popular then? They're cheap, they come in a variety of sizes, and they don't require much voltage. Now they are starting to be phased out, however, as countries like the U.S. start creating legislation to push people toward more environmentally friendly and efficient lighting options. You can bet that future light bulbs will have a lower environmental impact.

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