The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapters 1-4




 Congratulations on reaching the end of your  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas WebQuest! 

 You should now have a greater understanding of what events were happening as mentioned by John Boyne in his book, The Boy in The Striped Pajamas.  Hopefully, you have also developed an sympathy for those people of the Holocaust and in the process developed your researching skills!

 To conclude what you have learned, please make sure your group creates some type of assessment with at least FIVE items. You will be switching  assessments with another group and responsible for answering their questions which will be turned in.

 Once you have created your assessment, switched with another group and answered their assessment items, please turn it into the basket in the front  and then follow it up with your EXIT ticket.

 For you EXIT ticket today, discuss the questions below and write your answers on a note card. You may want to partner up within your group with one  other person to discuss. 

 Write your answers on your note card and turn into the little EXIT container on the bookcase. 

 1. How did the WebQuest elaborate and expand on what you have learned from the novel and other pre-reading activities so far?

 2. Have your thoughts on racism and prejudice changed any?

 3. What do you think causes people to treat others in such horrific ways as was done during the Holocaust? Do you think there are people being treated 

  like this anywhere in the world today? If so, give a brief explanation.

 4. What did you find most interesting in all your researching?

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