Growing and Changing



Fats and staples give you energy.

Staples contain nutrients called carbohydrates.  Sugar, rice, potatoes ad bread are examples of foods in the

staples group.

Legumes help you grow and also help to repair damaged body parts.  They contain nutrients called

proteins.  Peas, beans and nuts are legumes.

Meats, fish, eggs and milk products are foods from animals.  These foods also help you to grow and heal.

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals.  They help to prevent infections, help your body 

fight diseases and keep your organs healthy.

Water helps you digest food and also helps your body to function properly.

A balanced diet has the righ kinds and amounts of each food that your body needs.

People who do not eat balanced meals may suffer from malnutrition.

People from some religions do not eat certain types of food that are thought to be unclean.   Eg.  Foods 

from Pigs.   Some religious groups do not eat any foods from animals.  eg.  Rastafarians  

The Jews and Muslims and some Chrisians only eat food from animals that chew grass and have cloven

hooves.  These animals are said to be "clean".

When you prepare foods, you must practice good hygiene.

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