Which alternative energy source is the most cost effective?



Thanks for your submission!  You should have covered the following key points as a result of your work in this WebQuest:

-  components of a cost analysis

-  long-term and short-term energy costs

-  future prospects for certain energy resources

-  areas that are already "going green"

-  Are renewable resource "better" than fossil fuels?  Hopefully, you've developed a strong opinion one way or another about this.

-  How will all this affect you from now on?  As you look back on your experiences with this assignment, I hope that you realize how complex energy sustainability may be for our planet.  Perhaps you will look a bit more closely at news stories or energy policies in the future.  Maybe you will look more closely at an electric bill, or consider building your own windmill one day.  Whatever the future holds for us in terms of energy technology, it is certain to be quite a ride!

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