Save the Baltic Sea



Dear 6C! 
You all have done a really good job! You searched for the causes that is damaging the Baltic Sea and you gave a lots of good suggestions of what people can do to make a change for our dear Baltic Sea.  I have recieved many e-mails from people in our neighbourhood and they all wants to say how greatful they are of your work and engagement 
I have also recieved an e-mail from miss Jonson. She wrote that she had seen all of your news reports and is very pleased with your job! She have uploaded all of your movies at the Channel C news website Thanks to you, a lots of people have got the information about the Baltic Sea situation and have now got plenty of sugestions of how they can make a change to save the Baltic Sea.  As your last mission, evaluate the project in you group and individual. Please handle it in to me when you are done. Discuss and write down your answers of the following questions with your group:

* How did we work together?
* What was the strength with your group?
*What do you think about the websites and youtube-clips? What did you like/dislike?
*Is there anything you could have done in a different way?

*What do you know now that you did not know before? Write down at least three things.
*Which of the tasks did you enjoyed the most?
*What did you like and did not like with project based learning?
*How did you work with your group and with your partner?
*What did you like the most with this project?
*Is there anything you can do better for next group/pair-task?

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