Ordering in the restaurant in Spain



Felicitaciones! Congratulations on tantalizing your taste buds with different foods of Spain.

As a result of this WebQuest, you have demonstrated a basic knowledge of traditional foods in Spain and how to order food in a restaurant. You also learnt about the different ingredients that these dishes comprise. When you travel to Madrid, Spain for real and during your travel to Madrid virtual trip class project (our other class project), you will be well-prepared to successfully dine out in Spanish restaurants and be comfortable to request various items such as your meal, a glass of water, the bill etc!


Think about our Foods in Spain WebQuest and what resources you found to be the most useful.

How beneficial was it for you to work in groups to accomplish the goals of our Foods in Spain Webquest in a timely manner?

How will you use this experience when you work on your next collaborative/group project? 
Think about how you will use your project partnerships to help you be more successful and efficient when you start your future career. 


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