Save the Civil War!



CONGRATULATIONS!  You and your TEAMmates have successfully created a dynamic display, highlighting the importance of the Civil War and the people who were a part of it.  Your information was sent to the Presidential Social Studies Committee and I received the following e-mail from them:



Dear 5th Grade Students:

   I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your hard work!  Due to your outstanding research and presentation of the importance of the Civil War, we have taken a vote, and unanimously agreed to keep the American Civil War as a unit of study in the United States.  It was your hard work and TEAM effort that made this decision possibly.  Your knowledge of the American Civil War helps you to understand the history of the United States and how the 50 United States came to be a strong country.  Keep up the GREAT work!


                                                        Isa Fundalern
                                                        Presidential Committee
                                                        Dept. of Social Studies



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