The Animal Kingdom



Before we end this trip let's see first what we have been able to accomplish after the completion of activities and presentation of the lesson.
  • You were able to identify the different classification of animals based on the lesson being presented.
  • You have distinguished the animals and their different characteristics and unique traits.
  • You have learned how to draw the animals, compare and contrast the animal's characteristics, physical appearance and traits and their similarities and differences.
  • You have learned what and why animals became extinct, the causes and effects it brings to our environment.
  • You have learned how to care for the animals.
We are almost done with our trip but before we end this trip, let's watch a video about cruelty to animals.
Reflect for a while and think about our animals.
Would you even care for them?
That is a question for you to think about.
This ends our trip and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

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