Pressure ulcers. Are you doing enough to prevent them?



Margaret may have been able to go home  following her discharge from the hospital if it weren't for the unstageable acquired pressure ulcer on her coccyx.  She will likely be transferred to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for treatment of that pressure ulcer, along with physical and occupational therapy post CABG.  Admission to the SNF due to the pressure ulcer adds to the already high cost of the extended hospital stay.  This case study, along with the information you have read during your exploration of this Webquest, highlights the importance of education regarding pressure ulcers.  Remember, the more educated you are on pressure ulcers, the less chance for your patients to develop pressure ulcers.  Science, medicine and nursing are constantly researching new alternatives and challenging the way we do things.  It is imperative that you keep up to date with the most recent information regarding treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.  The quality of life of your patient may depend on it, not to mention the financial status and ranking of your hospital.

While this Webquest has led you to explore pressure ulcer definitions, staging, sites prone to pressure ulcer development and prevention, there is so much more to review.  Infection control, medications, nutrition and the role of the physical therapist are just a few examples of topics yet to be covered.  For more information please review the following sites.  You may also go back to any of the sites utilized during this Webquest and explore them in greater depth.  

Physical therapist role in wound care:  http://www.todayswoundclinic.com/articles/examining-increased-role-physical-therapist-within-wound-care-industry

WHO recommendations for infected wounds: http://www.who.int/hac/techguidance/tools/Prevention%20and%20management%20of%20wound%20infection.pdf

Nutritional aspects of wound healing:  http://journals.lww.com/aswcjournal/Fulltext/2012/02000/The_Role_of_Nutrition_in_Wound_Care.5.aspx

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy:  http://woundeducators.com/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/

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