Propaganda: The Art of Deception



Hopefully, you have now learned several techniques used to create propaganda and have better understanding of how people use it and technology to promote their ideas; more than likely, you have also realized just how much propaganda was used to control human behavior in Fahrenheit 451. Lucky for Montag, he realized the truth about his situation and started thinking for himself. Additionally, you have also looked at how propaganda has been used in literature, in history, in politics, and in pop culture. Now you are a more aware citizen and consumer like Montag who won't be fooled by the latest scheme!

To conclude this project, complete an individual reflection by briefly responding to the following questions:

  • What did I learn about Fahrenheit 451 and society by completing this Webquest?
  • How well did my group work together to complete the webquest? How much did I contribute to the group?
  • If I had the chance to sway public opinion using media, what issue would I address and how would I go about it?

Extra Credit: Create your own colorfully appealing print ad using some of the techniques you have learned in the webquest "Propaganda: The Art of Deception." Talk with your classroom teacher for more detailed information.

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