The advertising industry's worst kept secret: Photoshop.



So there you have it. You have transformed an image of a female into someone she is clearly not. You now have first hand experience of how unrealistic the image advertising agencies are pushing actually is. Hopefully, you will take this into consideration if you decide to pursue design as a career and it is my heartfelt desire that this whole experience has turned you into a more informed consumer as well as a better Photoshop user.  

If you wish to continue learning Photoshop or any other Adobe software, visit Adobe Learn for free tutorials from the company itself. Also, Lynda.com offers excellent tutorials on Adobe and other software but much of it is subscription based. 

Before you turn in your projects and papers, make sure you do the following:

  • Check the rubric and compare it with your project and paper so that you do not miss any points
  • Make certain your name, name of class and school is clearly written on your paper.
  • Your project file should be as follows: Your Name--Your Project Name--Your School Name.psd 

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