Angles, Measurements, and Structure with Carpentry



In this lesson we looked at the different angles and entrance hole sizes for the making of a birdhouse. You all made your own houses out of everyday materials you found. You learned about how to use angles to make a structure stronger. Since you all have your birdhouses, I would like you to all find a place to put your new birdhouse. Somewhere close to your house, a family members house, or in your town anywhere you like.

You also learned how to make a home for a bird that may be looking for a place to stay. This project can be replicated whenever you would like on your own time. You could do this project with younger cousins, siblings, or parents.

Now since you have a better understanding of angles, you can use this knowledge to make more objects of your own creation. You can help make a structure with a family member or you can think of something more creative!

I hope you really enjoyed this unit and I hope it gave you more interest in math or in creating things. Thank you for participating and if you have any additional questions you may ask me at any time.

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