水循環:水從何而來?The Water Cycle: Where does the water come from?




You have finished the important task on the Water Cycle. You now have all the knowledge of a junior expert on the Water Cycle. Thank you for creating the beautiful poster to help the public understand more about the relationship between the water cycle and their daily lives. I am sure the public will have no problem understanding the Water Cycle and can save water with your good suggestions. Now it's time to move onto climate!!

這是一些你已經學到的知識。。 Here are some things that have come across..
1. 水會被重覆使用。 Water is used over and over again.
2. 水循環是水從海洋蒸發到大氣然後落到土地,最終返回海洋,然後不斷重複的動作。The water cycle is the continuous movement of water from the ocean to air and land then back to the ocean in a cyclic pattern.
3. 太陽加熱地球表面的水分,使其蒸發(氣體)。 The sun heats the Earth's surface water which causes it to evaporate (gas).
4. 水蒸氣上升到地球表面,冷卻然後凝結成水滴。The water vapor rises into the Earth's atmosphere where it cools and condenses into water droplets.
5. 水滴結合並增加,直到它們因為太重而以降雨的形式落到地面。 The liquid droplets combine and grow until they become too heavy and fall to the Earth as precipitation.
6. 水暫時儲存在湖泊,冰川,地下或生物體內。水可以從這些地方因為河流的移動而返回到海洋,被植物或動物使用或直接蒸發回大氣層。Water is temporarily stored in lakes, glaciers, underground, or in living organisms. The water can move from these places by streams and rivers, returns to the ocean, is used by plants or animals or is evaporated directly back into the atmosphere.

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