The Southwest Region



By the end of this lesson, learners should have a firm grasp on the knowledge of the Southwest region as well as the characteristics that make it unique; they should also have a developing knowledge of the tourist attractions in their region that get people to visit, and should also think about the many reasons that people choose to live in different areas.

Learners will also have accomplished the goal of being able to orally persuade an audience with additional use of visuals; communication is key for someone in any aspect of life, so the activities will help them to begin to develop their communcation skills.

Students will learn what it is like to plan a trip itinerary for someone who is planning on taking a vacation. Carefully planning and describing is a skill that will be helpful for students throughout their years of school.

Finally, this lesson will give students a better understand and respect for their home and country, the United States of America. Hopefully this will persuade many of the leaners to venture out and explore their big back yard!

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