The Civil War: The Union Versus the Confederacy



Knowing the history of the United States of America is crucial to understanding how the government, and society work today. By learning the information offered in this lesson, you will have gained the knowledge of how we became the country we are today and what the citizens of the U.S. went through so that we could all be free. Knowing information about the Civil War leads into the years after the Civil war and the struggles that the U.S. still faced although the war was over. The knowledge to take away from this lesson is that the Civil War was a long and deadly war that separated the unity of the U.S and was only the beginning of the fight for equality and freedom.

If the Civil War is a topic that you wish to learn more about, you can contact me inside class or through email and I can guide you in the direction to learn more. There are several books, videos, and encyclopedia articles covering the Civil War  that dive deeper into the subject than we have time for.

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