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Step 5. Put it All Together

Work in your groups to create a presentation that demonstrates everything you have learned. Include hyperlinks to one excellent and one bogus website in order to show how your list effectively evaluates both of them.

Website Evaluation PowerPoint Guidelines

Using your group’s master list and all of the research you have done together, create a PowerPoint to be used as a resource by other students who need to know what to look for when evaluating a website. Remember, do your very best; your resource may actually be used by your school!

Your PowerPoint Presentation should contain:

  • At least 8 slides all together, 1 for the cover, 5 for the main points, 1 that hyperlinks to your group’s best and worst website examples, and one for your bibliography.

  • 1 slide for each main point –each group member will speak about at least one slide.

  • Cover slide should contain names of all group members. Come up with a clever name for your group.

  • A design or background color for all slides.

  • Animate each slide, but don’t overdo it!

  • Insert GRAPHIC(S) or photo(s) for each slide.

  • Insert hyperlinks to the Internet for examples of your group’s best and worst website examples, link to them in your presentation, and discuss why these sites are excellent or bogus, based on your main points.

  • Work together as a group, you will be graded on the above points AND your group cooperation and participation.
***Rehearse your presentation as a group before you present!

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