Ten Little Rubber Ducks with Ordinal Numbers


     As you can see young learner, using the lesson Ten Little Ducks with Ordianl Numbers that is designed especially for your learning and fun will help you to completely understand how numbers are used to name positions in a series of numbers. 

     Learning Ordinal Numbers can be useful in daily activites and events; for example, in school when you are lining up for lunch, you will now be able to name your position in line.  Or when your teacher asks you to tell the order of the events as they occurred in a story.  Now you can learn or help your friend with little tasks; such as how to tie his/her shoes by naming the steps in number order.  Think of all the fun and exciting thing you can do by yourself by learning Ordinal Numbers.

     For continuous fun and sharpening you math skills, you and a friend can continue to visit our fun and challenging websites that will help you to remember the positions in a series of numbers faster:

     1st)   Squiggly-a friendly worm hiding in an apple, naming their number positions http://www.primarygames.com/squigly/start.htm

     2nd)   The Balloon Game-lining the balloons up in number positions http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/games/game4.htm

     3rd)   Story Mapping-placing the sequences of events in number positions of The Little Rubber Ducks or making up your own story http://alphaapple.com/storymap1.pdf.

     4th)   Art Project-using paper duck cutouts,coloring and placing the ducks in number positions http://www.getodd.com/duck/coloring.htm



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