Culture Shock! Business in China



Just as you finish this webquest your plane begins to land and you reflect upon what you have just learnt. By now you should be an expert on the topic of Chinese etiquette and its overall impact in doing business. You now have all the resources neccessary to make clear and sound decisions when doing business in China. Several aspects to look out for when communicating with your Chinese counterparts include


1) Slang that people may use during simple conversational dialect

2) Different body signs that people give off when communicating; will they stand closer to you when speaking? Will use many hand gestures to get their points across?

3) How do the Chinese view Canadians and see their work ethic? Is it positive? Negative?


Now that you have finished viewing all the links and with the ideas fresh in your head, please use the information provided and test yourself. Speak to someone who is knowledgable with Chinese business and/or culture and distinguish important factors. You are now prepared. As you embark and take your first steps into China, you are fully prepared  to handle any and all tasks that may emerge in the business environment.

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