The Alchemist - A Personal Journey



Final Thoughts

Tarifa, Spain is known for its wind.  In recent years, Tarifa has been able to capitalize on its windy weather by attracting wind surfers and by converting to wind power.  In literature, wind is often a symbol for change.  Santiago experienced a great change as he traveled across northern Africa.  Through your reading and reflection, I hope you, too, have experienced something new.


Final Project 

Your final project will be a three-minute movie in which you combine your life story with that of Santiago's.  Choose some elements from the novel, which are most meaningful to you and show the connection you have to that idea, symbol or topic.  In a sense, this is an audiovisual essay.  Ask yourself, what do I want to communicate?  What is the purpose of my movie?  What is my main point?  For inspiration, consult your project folder and re-read your reflections - you may be struck with a great idea!  Use music, pictures, words, art, video and narration to communicate something meaningful about yourself and how you relate to Santiago. 


To get started:


1.  Consult the rubric, located on the "Evalutaion" page of this WebQuest

2.  Reread the "Task" page of this Webquest

3.  Check out the sample movie, located in the JJohnson folder

4.  Use the Time and Task Plan to guide your movie making process


I can't wait to see your final project!

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