Elements of Art and Design



This brings us to the end of a very exciting and interesting topic/ lesson. You were involved in a research which made you more knowledgeable about the different Elements of Art that you are exposed to daily. These elements are important to our daily lives and so it is good for us to have an understanding of the use of these. Just to recap the Elements of Art, there are seven (7) elements which include Line, Shape, Space, Texture, Colour, Form and Value.

We hope that each of you will be able to reflect on what you have learnt while conducting this research and were able to overcome any challenges that you faced while completing this task.

Unfortunately this is all the time we have for this very intriguing topic, but if you wish, you may continue researching and reading up more on the Elements of Art. There is a link below which you can take a look at to improve on your prior knowledge.


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