Awesome Adventure go & Regroup





       Great Job!! 

 You have mastered how to do two digit subtraction with regrouping.  

       You are ready to embark on Multiplication Mania next.  
       Give yourself a pat on the back for going on Subtraction adventure and conquering the regrouping challenge.  
       What?  You want to test your gray noggins more?  Well, Click one of the links below.





   When you wish, go ahead and choose to work on a puzzle or play a game from your blue folder.  
    Look for Subtraction with regrouping heading.  Go Awesome! 


Web Link

Web Link
  • Challenge your Gray Noggin
    Description: 4 digit subtraction. Student decides how many questions he or she wants to complete. Options include Grid Paper, lined paper and colors for pen.

Web Link
  • Kaboom
    Description: Image from a game Kaboom by Karen McDavid

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