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After completing this project, you have gained a better understanding of some German culture and how it is different than where you currently live. Knowing about a different country is fantastic information to know. Already, you are much more knowledgeable of a certain state than you were before you started your project and this knowledge can benefit you in the future.

Many students might think that this is just another project to get over with but in reality, it can actually benefit you in many ways. Don't only stick with what you have just learned and let it slip away from you, look up current events in Germany by using the internet and find out more about the different cities, states and regions found in Germany. The more you know the better off you are in your future.

Now that you have a much better understanding of the topic you have chosen, using a computer, create a summary of your topic for your fellow classmates. Instead of writing down everything you know about your subject, be creative with it and simplify the main facts that you have found.


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    Description: This game is a fun way to learn the German states and major cities.

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