Religious Freedom?


The objective of this project is to provide an understanding of the meaning of religious freedom.  We have all been told the story about why the pilgrims made the perilous voyage across the ocean to an unknown land - in order to be free to worship their god as they saw fit.  Somewhere between the time of the pilgrims and today, we have lost that freedom.  What effects have current events, since 9/11, had that changed the way we viewed some religions?  Anyone who even seems to be a Muslim is harrassed and accused of being a terrorist. A man storms into a Sikh temple and begins shooting the members in a blind rage.  Amish people are ridiculed for their "backward" lifestyle.  Up until recently the Hutterites were a very low profile communal group.  Then reality TV became a fad and it is a toss up whether they are helping or hurting these groups.  We are mired in a time of mistrust and fear.  Can we look backward and find the true religious freedom or even then was that freedom an illusion? If you are left after this exercise with a curiosity about the subject of religious freedom, then we can count this project a success. For more on the subject of religious freedom, check out the following websites. 

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