A Quest for Traveling with the 5 Themes of Geography



 With the completion of this travel log power point presentation you should have gathered enough information to determine if these are areas that you would like to visit. The use of various websites is  helpful to develop an interest in other countries and states. These sites are also useful to help develop an itinerary for a trip when you visit the area, or areas. When you view the information in the presentation that you have put together answer the following questions for yourself. Would you like to really visit the area, or areas? Where would you go first? What would you like to see in the area?  What would you like to do in the area, or areas you have chosen? What would you need to have to make the trip? Would the trip require a passport? How would it take to make the trip? What type of transportation could you use to make the trip? Could you make the trip in hours, or would it take days using the form of transportation you have chosen?

This will be covered during a class discussion after presentations have been done to the class.

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